Being Human in the 21st Century

A Special Event with Dr. Nate Hagens

3225-158th Ave.
SE Bellevue WA

Featured in the multiple award-winning documentary ‘Living in the Futures Past’

Please note that purchase of full conference includes both of Dr. Hagen’s presentations. 

September 5th, 2019
7 to 9 pm
Being Human in the 21st Century


September 6, 2019
Full Day at Choice Theory Conference featuring Dr. Nate Hagens (2 presentations) and other presenters. See schedule for times and details.


Virtual attendance to
Dr. Hagens’ Keynote


  • Do you feel something is wrong in the world today?
  • Something deeper than politics or climate change?
  • Do you want to feel informed and ready for the changes in the future?

Join us for a powerful evening with Dr. Nate Hagens as he presents the big picture connecting Energy, Economy, and the Environment in a way we CAN understand and be excited about. He believes we can each contribute to the future we want. From this evening you will:

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  • Learn a NEW inspiring view of the future
  • Discover the impacts of our individual and collective blind spots
  • Understand how one person can truly make a difference

“We will need leaders, storytellers, visionaries and practitioners to live differently and empower people to participate in our future.” — Dr. Nate Hagens

Who is Dr. Nate Hagens?

  • Managed money for billionaires on Wall Street in the 90’s
  • Holds a Masters degree in finance, PhD in ecological economics
  • Created an honors course “Reality 101” at the U of Minnesota
  • Is a widely recognized synthesizer of the global picture
  • Has appeared on PBS, BBC, ABC and NRP
  • Currently advises governments, both domestic and international, on global risks.

Hosted in collaboration with William Glasser Institute USA.