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When you open an account with the Glasser Institute for Choice Theory (GIFCT), you will have access to the recordings of real people who have implemented the concepts of Choice Theory in their lives. You will begin to understand why people do the things they do and how to overcome stressful situations. Life is tough, but that same life can also be very rewarding once you learn the secret to bring out the best in it!

We believe that everyone should know about these concepts because they are so powerful in creating a fulfilling life for yourself. As a result, many of the recordings are offered without charge just for opening an account.

Once you log into your account, you will be seamlessly transferred to the GIFCT “School” where you will have immediate access to the broadcasts and any courses that you may purchase.

The follow are the free items you’ll find inside the GIFCT “School”:

Recordings Course

In the Recordings “course”, there are 2 tabs: one for Choice Connection calls and the other for Difficult Discussions in Diversity calls.

Choice Connection Calls

There is a title for each of the Choice Connection calls, so you can listen to the entries that are of interest to you. This is a sampling of what you’ll find in this section:

  • Treatment Planning from a Choice Theory Perspective – Mike Fulkerson
  • Connecting with Your Higher Self Using Choice Theory Psychology – Lucy Billings
  • Choice Theory and Alcohol – Mike Rice
  • Win/Win Negotiating Differences – Jill Morris

…and many more

As you can see, the concepts of Choice Theory can be applied in all types of situations. These calls have recently been replaced with Making Sense of It, which is explained below.

Difficult Discussions in Diversity

The Difficult Discussions in Diversity calls are moderated by Gloria Cissé, who is a Glasser Scholar. These calls do not have titles, but listen to a few of them to get a sense of how powerful these conversations can be. These calls are held on the 3rd Saturday of the month. 

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Greet the Week

Mondays have received a bad rap. Greet the Week is a way of bringing sunshine and good cheer into your workweek. Life is all about perception, so when you think and act differently, more positive feelings and healthier physiology follow.  Guaranteed. 

Greet the Week is held every Monday at 2:00 PM Eastern and hosted by Mona Dunkin, Faculty, and Jan Moré, Board Representative. The topic varies each week and ranges from how to tackle life’s problems, to discussing perceptions to learning how to self-evaluate and everything in between. The live audience is encouraged to engage with the hosts once the recording has been stopped. In the Greet the Week “course”, the videos are grouped by category so you can find more of the ones you’re most interested in.

Making Sense of It

Life can get complicated and Making Sense of It will help you to sort out the mess. Each week, a certified or faculty member is featured with their story about how they used Choice Theory to make better sense of their life or profession. The talks are about 20 minutes long and there is a 10-minute discussion with the host at the end. Once the recording ends, the live audience is encouraged to engage with the speaker.

Making Sense of It is held every Wednesday at 11:00 AM Eastern and is hosted by Mona Dunkin, Faculty. Only members may join the live broadcasts, but the videos are made available in the course for anyone to view. Topics range everywhere from personal experiences, to Choice Theory in the schools to personal growth.


The resource tab has forms, products and free downloads.

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