Individuals & Families

Individuals & Families

A survey was recently conducted of Choice Theory practitioners asking how well they managed due to the events of the past two years. The vast majority of those people indicated that the knowledge of the concepts of Choice Theory was “very helpful” for maintaining their mental wellbeing during these trying times.

    • How well did you fare over the past couple years?
    • Were you able to accept responsibility for the direction your life took? Did you realize that you even had a choice?
    • Did you understand that the only person’s behavior you could control was your own? Did you then consider what about your life you did have control of?  And, that what you thought and how you acted affected how well you felt?
    • Did you understand the importance of good relationships in your life and made efforts to stay connected with those important people?
    • These are just a few of the habits that practitioners of Choice Theory have incorporated into their daily lives. Understanding these concepts is instrumental in leading a mentally healthy lifestyle.
    • Each of the products listed below are resources you can use to incorporate the concepts of Choice Theory into your life. Start with the first item and then move down the list as you become more comfortable with the knowledge you are acquiring. As you begin practicing these concepts you will feel much more in control and better able to cope with the challenges that come your way.

Quickstart Guide to Choice Theory

You can start your journey right now in creating a more fulfilling life. Read the brief descriptions of the various concepts of Choice Theory and download the infographics. Keep them handy so you can refer to them frequently.

Little Book of Choice Theory

If you haven’t done so already, download the Little Book of Choice Theory. Here you will find more detail about the concepts you learned in the Quickstart Guide, complete a few exercises to test your understanding and much more. You can download it here.

Free Broadcasts

Begin listening to the numerous broadcasts that can be accessed just by creating a profile in our member section. Here you’ll find out how people utilize the concepts of Choice Theory in all areas of their lives. Once you enroll, you will get the link to attend these broadcasts live!

  • Difficult Discussions in Diversity

    There is strength in understanding and accepting what every person has to offer.

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  • Making Sense of It

    Join a weekly webinar to learn more about uses of Choice Theory.

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  • Greet the Week

    Greet the Week is a way of bringing sunshine and good cheer into your workweek.

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Defining Mental Health as a Public Health Issue
by William Glasser
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Dr. Glasser stated that mental health can be accurately described as an entity totally separate from mental illness. He wrote: “You are mentally healthy if you enjoy being with most of the people you know, especially with the important people in your life such as family, sexual partners and friends. Generally, you are happy and are more than willing to help an unhappy family member, friend, or colleague to feel better. You lead a mostly tension-free life, laugh a lot, and rarely suffer from the aches and pains that so many people accept as an unavoidable part of living. “

Download this booklet to get Dr. Glasser’s full description.


Living Life with Choice Theory


For some examples of how to apply the concepts of Choice Theory into your life, you may be interested in our Living Life with Choice Theory course. Here, you will go through the thought process about how to handle unpleasant events that happen all too frequently in people’s lives, like a break-up, jealousy or fear.

This online course consists of 10 vignettes that contrast the way people normally react to situations with the way a Choice Theory practitioner would decide how they will choose to respond.


Take Charge of Your Life


Dr. Glasser wrote two books entitled Take Charge of Your Life. The second book was published just a few years prior to his death. This book is a review of the concepts of Choice Theory with a section that addresses addictions.

This Take Charge of Your Life online course is based on Dr. Glasser’s final publication. 

Online Basic Training


Are you ready to obtain some intensive training in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy? This information is not only for counselors; it is extremely beneficial for those who just want to live less stressful and more fulfilling lives.

Let’s go back to the initial question on this page: How well did you cope over the past couple years? Would you like to do better?

Then, this is the course for you. Included with the online content are 4 opportunities to practice these concepts in real-life situations. You will also be paired with a mentor to answer any of your questions. 

You can also register for virtual or in-person Basic Intensive Training (BIT) courses here.