Glasser Quality Schools

Glasser Quality Schools

In a Glasser Quality School, students and teachers are taught Choice Theory to reach a common ground in establishing a supportive, caring environment and in building healthy relationships that contribute to school success.  Classroom management and teaching techniques based on coercion are replaced by Choice Theory techniques that shift the definition of and desire for success to the student.  Teachers and administration become collaborative leaders empowering students to reach their highest potential.  Families are also encouraged to learn Choice Theory so home and school support the student in compatible ways.

Dr. William Glasser, in his book, Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom, distinguished the difference between Traditional schools and Glasser Quality Schools. He described the former as schools engaging in “schooling”, which he defined as being “enforced by low grades and failure” and the latter as Education.

    • “Schooling is what students, even many good students, rebel against in school…making students acquire knowledge or memorize facts that have no value for anyone including students in the real world.”
    • “In or out of school, there is nothing good about knowing something or not knowing something unless you use it or intend to use it.”
    • “An important purpose of education is to nurture a love of lifelong learning in all students, not kill it.”

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Becoming a GIFCT-US Quality School &/or Quality School Educator
The Glasser Quality School Rubric and Application provide a blueprint for designing, creating & measuring a Quality School &/or a Quality Classroom.  It outlines five (5) Criteria that have been referenced from Dr. Glasser’s original work.  The criteria were outlined in many of his writings on the essence of being a Quality School, Quality Classroom & Quality School Teacher.
The updated information further expands on these concepts while providing valuable insights and explanations for educators to embrace Choice Theory concepts in their work.  Furthermore, the Rubric itself is easily connected to today’s many educational movements providing a strong theoretical and practical base.
In addition to the Rubric as a blueprint, the document also provides an application process inviting the reader to consider practical steps in the pursuit of the journey, including joining the Glasser Quality School Network, along with further detail and information about what it means to be a Glasser Quality School &/or Glasser Quality School Educator.
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Become a GIFCT-US Glasser Quality School (QS) and/or Quality School Educator (QSE)

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  • Creating the Competence Based Classroom

    Download the FREE booklet written by William Glasser about his vision for classrooms all over the world.

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Declared Glasser Quality Schools

The Grand Traverse Academy
Contact: Michelle Floering
1245 Hammond Road East
Traverse City, MI 49686
Ph: 231-932-6008

Saint Patrick Catholic School
Steve Hammond, Principle
1000 Bolling Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23508
Ph: 757-440-5500