Mishler, James

Mishler, James
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(989) 424-4113
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Basic Instructor
I was originally certified in 1976 and was certified as a basic instructor in 2010. I spent 35+ years public education working as an elementary teacher, a teacher/administrator in a residential program for delinquents and as a Special Education Director for a 2 county cooperative in Mid Michigan. I have applied the principles of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in all of my professional experiences. Most recently I have been a GIFCT Board member and President. Currently I am the Chair Person for the Glasser Quality School Committee.

In 2008 I formed Woodview Learning Strategists where I focus on teaching the world Choice Theory and working with non-profit organizations in strategic planning. In all of my work I have incorporated Choice Theory and reality Therapy. I have presented all over the United States along with Scotland and Australia. I am originally from Michigan and am currently living in southern Indiana (gotta be close to the grand kids),