What’s in your Quality World?

Every day your reality, or Perceived World, is constantly stimulated by your environment. Our five senses work like cogs in a clock to generate countless sensations for your perceptual system, or Total Knowledge Filter, to process. There, your mind filters what is substantial enough to give more attention. That knowledge is funneled down to the Valuing Filter, where you decide what is positive, negative, or neutral. This mechanism puts your perception of the world in a regularly changing rhythm.person touching world map



So, why does any of that matter?


Do you daydream? Do you have a special place you like to escape to? Or maybe a group of friends who bring out the best in you? In your Quality World, there are various people, places, and things that meet at least one of your basic needs (Survival, Love & Belonging, Power, Fun, and Freedom). They also cater to values and beliefs that are unambiguous to you. Everything in this world is what you want, perfect despite any plights that may come with conflicting visions. What mental pictures would be stored in your Quality World? Which one of your basic needs do you feel would have the most representation?

How do these two worlds correlate?

  grey antique weighing scale on table    With these differing realms, there are times when they are at odds. Then, you arrive at your Comparing Place: where you contrast what you have versus what you want. If you are in place where your Perceived World and Quality World are out of balance, irritation tends to come through and influence your behavior. You are always working towards something resembling your Quality World. Uncovering fresh approaches to keeping your scales balanced will help hone the ability to adjust your behavior and keep away what puts you back in that frustrated place. To maintain harmony between your worlds, prepare to make those behavioral adjustments when something significant and brand-new comes along.



So, what’s in your Quality World?

And what can you change to get closer to it?