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In July 2022, the Reality Therapy Corner, a new podcast-like series, was launched by the counseling sub-committee of GIFCT.   These conversations are meant to explore the full richness of the practice of Reality Therapy and so much more. The inaugural conversation was facilitated by Dr. Gloria Cissé, the chair of the GIFCT US Diversity Council and as such she facilitates a monthly conversation entitled Difficult Discussions in Diversity.  Diversity and inclusion are not only a critical issue for the times we live in but also for the counselor and counselor supervisor.  Following a brief introduction to the topic that included “social location”, Dr. Cissé asked the group to respond to a question originally written by Lucy Billings-Robins as a part of the guide to a discussion of Dr. Glasser’s book Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom.  “How are the current Me Too, LGBTQ+, and Black social movements improvements in human progress and how could CT enhance these?”  The question sparked interesting conversation about CT.