In The Control Theory Manager, Dr. Glasser credited W. Edwards Deming with increasing his concept of quality. In my day job, teaching the Deming concepts (Lean), exemplified in the Toyota Production System, Deming popularized the PDCA Cycle, sometimes called the Deming Cycle. I noticed great similarities to our WDEP questioning method. Look at the four steps and you will see that evaluating a system is the same pattern, basically, as how we help others to evaluate behavior.

Dr. Deming said, “If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing!” The implication for us is profound We have a process defined as Reality Therapy. Are we reaching our targets? This thought process can be applied to any process- personal or professional.

If we have a certain target, in any part of life, and we are not achieving it, that gap is called a problem. In Lean, problems are treasures. I sometimes thought that way when working with students. Problems were opportunities to teach concepts, coach, and improve. The continuous improvement concepts of Lean are parallel to the growth I have experienced along the Choice Theory path. The continuous cycle of What do you Want?, What are you Doing now to get it?, How is it working?, What is the new Plan?, has helped me grow immensely and to appreciate those who occupy the world around me.