Take Charge of Your Life!

Take Charge of Your Life!

Are you ready to jump right into changing your life?

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This online course is adapted from Dr. William Glasser’s book Take Charge of Your Life. Join us to learn: why you do what you do; what really matters to you; how to stop letting people control you; and how to create a meaningful, fulfilling, and happy life!

Journey with The Glasser Institute for Choice Theory (GIFCT), through the principles of Choice Theory, and answer personal questions that will give you insight and understanding into your own thoughts, words, and actions.

Discover how to take your goals and dreams and turn them into reality.

Step away from harmful relationships, and become a part of healthy, loving relationships. Become a parent who raises confident, caring children. Learn about addictions, pain, illness, and misery, and how to transform your life with new choices that work for you.

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Course Overview

In this course participants will learn to take charge of their life using Choice Theory principles and practices.

  1. Use self-reflection exercises and case in point materials to self-evaluate acquired knowledge and understanding of the “Negativity Feedback Loop,” its purpose, and applications.
  2. Identify distressing thoughts and actions; ways and means to exit Negative Feedback Loop, by learning to do something different that aligns with Choice Theory principles.
  3. Evaluate their behavior and choices that conflict with their life goals.
  4. Review, evaluate and apply Choice Theory principles to gain more effective control of their lives.
  5. Create positive relationships and take charge of their life.
  6. Take a forensic look at people, things, ideas, and beliefs that reflect what they want, and comparing it to what they have.
  7. Apply self-engaging and evaluating processes to reflect on their needs, wants, Quality World pictures in their head, and processes for self-fulfillment.
  8. Self-evaluate if they are using “Internal Control Psychology” or “External Control Psychology” in their relationships.
  9. Understand and apply, non-controlling, non-blaming techniques to foster greater self-acceptance, processes for getting what they want and need, and how to reorganize their life.
  10. Review, understand and apply Choice Theory principles: Glasser’s Axioms; Disconnecting vs Connecting Habits; Causes of Unhappiness; Quality World; Why & How They Behave; Avoiding Dead Dreams and Stagnated visions; Craziness, Creativity and Responsibility; Psychosomatic illness; Addictions; Parenting; Control with Pain or Misery; How to Be Healthy; and How to use Choice Theory.


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