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What is Choice Theory?

The universal system for empowering individuals and improving relationships

Choice Theory is based on the simple premise that every individual only has the power to control themselves and have limited power to control others.

  • Individuals & Families

    Supporting individuals to become more satisfied with their lives and developing stronger relationships between couples, parents, children and families.

  • Glasser Quality Schools

    Increasing students’ responsibility for their own learning and success, strengthening relationships among peers, teachers, students and families to build thriving, healthy learning communities.

  • Leadership & Organizations

    Improving outcomes for businesses and organizations by creating resilient and high performance leaders and teams through influence rather than authority.

  • Community & Behavioral Health

    Improving outcomes for non-profits, government agencies, health care services and others leading to better relationships, increased personal responsibility and healthier communities.

  • Students

    Building leadership and promoting scholarship, research, professionalism and excellence across prestigious student organizations in the mental health field.


To teach the world Choice Theory

Founded in 1967, the Glasser Institute for Choice Theory has been training counselors, coaches, leaders and educators since its inception. Today, the Institute is committed to developing tools, resources and support for all individuals and organizations who wish to realize the benefits of practicing Choice Theory.

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Are you ready to start changing your life?

Explore options for applying Choice Theory in your own life through online courses, group and personal coaching, membership and free resources to help you learn more.

Professional Certification

In-depth training to improve your practice

Choice Theory training and certification adds a powerful tool to your range of skills for working with individuals and groups and opens up opportunities to develop new applications with the Institute.

Get Local

Connect with Choice Theory members near you

The Institute is connected to eight regional organizations that host training, events and meetings to promote the practice of Choice Theory and offers a way to meet with like-minded others.