Making Sense of It

Making Sense of It

Join us each week as we host a presentation by one of our certified members.

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Making Sense of It

Wednesdays at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern
Free to everyone



Every Wednesday at 11 am Eastern/10 am Central/ 9 am Mountain/8 am Pacific

Each week a member presents insights and experiences in Choice Theory. Topics include a wide range of areas from career growth, grief counseling parenting unruly teens, managing diversity in the workplace, weight loss, dating, dealing with difficult people among others.

Following the short presentation, participants are encouraged to ask questions on any topic relating to Choice Theory from understanding the concepts and how to apply them to specific advice on dealing with personal or professional relationships.

Always insightful and often entertaining, we hope you join us for the next Making Sense of It.

How to Join

Making Sense of It is open to everyone. In order to receive the information to join the sessions live and view the recordings, you will need to login to the dashboard. If you do not have login information, you can create an account and gain access to not only Making Sense of It, but other free resources.  You can also sign up to receive weekly reminders if you wish.