Entrepreneurship Model

Entrepreneurship Model

The Glasser Institute for Choice Theory’s entrepreneurship model is designed to create a thriving community of Choice Theory enthusiasts focused on bringing Choice Theory into every community, profession and relationship.

For over 30 years, a wide range of professionals and individuals have been trained in Choice Theory and have developed programs, books, consulting, educational products and applications for Choice Theory on their own initiative. The Glasser Institute for Choice Theory has developed a way for independents and entrepreneurs to bring their applications and products under the Institute and reach a wider audience than previously.

If you are an entrepreneur with an established Choice Theory program or product and wish to partner with the Institute to reach a wider audience, let us know!

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New products and services

Many people who complete training with the Institute have great ideas for new applications of Choice Theory or new audiences for its benefits. The Institute works closely with innovators on new products and services to help them make their ideas real.

If you have an idea for a new Choice Theory product that has not yet been created, contact the Institute to find out how we can help your idea become real!

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