Klefman, Ashley Judith

Klefman, Ashley Judith
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(503) 887-1492
What is your highest faculty level?
Senior Instructor
Although Judith knew about Dr. Glasser in the late 1960’s, she didn’t begin her formal training toward Certification until 1978. She became a member of the “teaching faculty” in 1980 and achieved Senior Faculty status in 1991. Dr. Glasser personally approved Judith at every level.

Judith has an eclectic background having worked in social services for over 50 years in fields like public welfare, child welfare, domestic and international adoptions, geriatric care management, guardianship and emergency response for vulnerable adults. Before she was involved with Glasser’s work she was a classroom teacher and “social worker” at a jail. In other words, Judith’s clients have ranged from nurseries to nursing homes.

Remaining active in The Institute since 1979, Judith has presented at conferences in the United States, Canada and Slovenia. She is a past Board Member of what is now the Glasser Institute for Choice Theory – US. Currently she is the President of the NW Region of GIFCT-US and serves on the GIFCT Marketing Committee.

Judith’s teaching style is informal although thorough in presenting and explaining the concepts you will be learning through discussion of the material and the role plays in this online course.