Robbins, Lucy

Robbins, Lucy

Robbins, Lucy
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Lucy Billings Robbins is an internationally recognized relation expert having over forty years of clinical experience in helping people successfully create and maintain phenomenon relationships.

Lucy is a highly respected senior faculty member of the William Glasser Institute and had the privilege of directly teaching and learning with the founder Dr. William Glasser.

Lucy actively facilitate training of Choice Theory psychology and Reality Therapy around the world and presented at the keynote address at the Tokyo psychotherapy conference, the Ireland Reality Therapy conference, the Partners in Change Women’s conference and the Together Again conference of addiction professionals. Her workshops and seminars are always highly popular, frequently standing room only. Lucy provides online clinical support to counseling professionals.

Along with training and presenting Lucy served on the regional, national and founding international boards of the William Glasser Institute. She served on the national and the Tennessee alcohol and drug abuse counselor‘s Board of Directors and is a past president

Lucy has authored numerous magazine and journal articles , a guide for role-playing for learning and a work book entitled The Art of Promoting Choice.

Lucy lives near Memphis, Tennessee with her husband Dr. Jeffery Robbins and their dog Katy.