Dunkin, Mona

Dunkin, Mona

Dunkin, Mona
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(254) 749-6594
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Basic Instructor
Mona Dunkin specializes in maximum people development, training individuals to be productive by developing better communication skills, organizational abilities, goal setting, conflict resolution, office protocol, and relationship skills. Mona presents concepts that inspire people to think and co-create, thereby, overcoming difficult situations. Through her gentle guidance, her clients are inspired to develop their full potential.

With Mona as your Choice Theory Coach, you will see yourself, your circumstance, and your life differently. Different, meaning doable, competent, joyful, healthy, abundant, happy, fulfilled… and the list goes on.
• Encourages you to embrace every challenge with courage and grace
• Raise your sights and revel in accomplishment
• Free nagging limiting beliefs that keep you spinning the same ole same ole
• Understand the mystery of “thoughts become things”
• To explore, learn, process for continued professional growth

Through Mona’s excellent training, you will learn
• To manage yourselves and influence others
• That motivation is an inside job; learn the value of intrinsic inspiration
• Relationship development is key. Has there ever been anyone you would do anything for? Has there ever been anyone you would do nothing for? Do you know that the only difference in the two is relationship?
• Acquire how to treat and be treated with respect
• Know that all are a part of the problem and all are a part of the solution
• Understand the power of self-evaluation. Change happens through the on-going practice of awareness coupled with effective strategies.

Allow Mona’s training to assist in your everyday personal and professional life. Change occurs through the on-going practice of awareness coupled with effective strategies. Create a quality world in which you feel safe, accepted, respected, and experiences life as interesting, fun, and worthwhile. Results are happiness, grace, competency, and increased bottom line.

You cannot motivate people, but people are motivated! They become self-motivated when a solution is seen to meet an individual need.
With clients, I find that knowledge is not the problem. Action is. Together we will strike accord already resonating in your being whereby you motivate yourself. I am the coach. I lead you to trust yourself and thus to lead yourself.

You are the boss. I am the encourager, the enlarger. The more you learn to generously define your life and capabilities, the sooner the world is your oyster.

Everyone has a story. I would like to share in yours. Let us work together for a happier ending.