Choice Theory teaches us that the only behavior we can control is our own. Trusting yourself, trusting your choices, trusting your relationships, and trusting your behavior is all about you! Everything we think, do, and feel, is generated by what happens inside of us. But how can this help us create the reality we want and desire?

A core principal of Choice Theory is something called internal control; what moves us to act and behave is an internal impulse of what we do, not what others do to us. Specifically, nothing we do is caused by what happens outside of us (read that again). Antithetically, external control suggests that people and circumstances outside of us can provoke our behaviors. If we consistently let outside sources dictate how we react, how can we possibly take control and create our own reality?

Personal choice is the relinquishing of responsibility for other peoples’ choices. We must focus and become accountable for ourselves and our choices; you’re the only person’s behavior that you can control. Are these words taking weight off of your shoulders yet? If so, you are exhibiting internal control. William Glasser used terms such as accepting, respecting, and trusting to describe internal control. Choice Theory has the ability to help sketch a straight path towards your goals and help you create your own reality!

“Good or bad, everything we do is our best choice at that moment” – Dr. William Glasser