1 aa meeting of two or more persons for discussing matters of common concern.

I was sitting in a lounge chair on the back porch, looking at the blue sky and the orange tree and listening to doves and cactus wrens. I was thinking about our conference in St. Louis in a couple of weeks. I was thinking about who was going to be there- Glasser aficionados and novices. I reflected on my first conference.

It was 2008 and I was in Colorado Springs for my certification and the conference. It was my first visit to an official Glasser event. I experience something almost magical. I was with some very kind people who were very excited about their craft and the conference. I was in awe of those who were there, that I met, with vast experience and with Dr. Glasser himself.

I had the opportunity to do a role play with Dr. Glasser and I was scared but he made it fun for me. Being in front of 200 people made me a little nervous but when I began to role play with Dr. Glasser, I was fine! When I walked out of there, I was hooked! I knew I had come upon my life’s mission!

The last few years have been very disruptive to our society. About a third of nonprofits have closed up. We have had struggles but the passion and determination of many Glasser people have carried us through. Now we are building for the future and this conference is going to be the foundation for the growth of our organization. We need you there to build solidly. If you haven’t registered, please do soon! For the world to improve, it needs Choice Theory. To get the word to the world, we need you!

Brian Patterson, Executive Director