In an effort to fulfill our mission to share Choice Theory with the world, the Glasser Institute for Choice Theory offers the following programs for individuals and communities.

  1. Scholarships for professionals
  2. Community events
  3. Free resources

Scholarships for professionals

The Glasser Institute for Choice Theory has professional practitioners at its core. Essential to our mission is training a new generation of enthusiasts across all career paths, not just mental health counseling.

We offer scholarships to individuals who are interested in practicing Choice Theory in their profession. All professions are supported including mental health, business, healthcare, non-profit management, government, and professional services, among others.

Scholarships are considered on an individual basis and awarded to those for whom training is not personally and/or professionally financially feasible. Please contact the Institute for more information and to request a training scholarship.

Scholarship Application

Quality Community partnerships

In 1997, the town of Corning, NY and the William Glasser Institute worked together to establish the first Quality Community. Choice Theory concepts were shared at the local level through schools, correctional facilities, community centers and churches in an effort to build a critical mass of individuals practicing the Connecting Habits in order to create a happier, healthier community.

The Glasser Institute for Choice Theory believes in building Quality Communities and has a membership community that is excited to volunteer in partnership with community leadership to teach Choice Theory concepts.

Contact the Institute for more information if you are interested in bringing Choice Theory to your community.

Community events

Each of our regional member organizations provides a variety of free community events from local speaking engagements to meet-ups for Choice Theory enthusiasts. If you would like to invite a representative of the Institute to participate in your community event, please contact the director for your region.

Little Book of Choice Theory

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Free resources

Many people begin their journey with Glasser’s book Choice Theory and become interested in applying the concepts to their lives. The Institute provides a number of free resources to help individuals and families to begin applying Choice Theory.