Strong leadership, passion and a clear vision has shaped the Glasser Institute for Choice Theory into the leading organization sharing Choice Theory with the world.

  1. Board of Directors
  2. Senior Management

Board of Directors

The all-volunteer, governing board of the Glasser Institute for Choice Theory, the Board of Directors is responsible for defining the organization’s mission and purpose, setting policy, establishing long-term goals and strategic planning, monitoring general operations, and approving organizational outcomes and allocation of resources.

Lois D’Silva Knapton

Vice President
John Mieras


Janette Moré

Lester Triché, West Region
Sandy Gates, Mountain Region
Jim Mishler, Midwest Region
Stephen Tracy, Northeast Region
Janette More, Sunbelt Region
Martin Price, Northwest Region
Shana O’Boyle, Southeast Region
Sharon Carder-Jackson, Mid American Region
Kim Olver, Member at Large
Cesar A. Castaneda, Member at Large
Sue Tomaszweksi, Member at Large

Senior Management

Shruti Tekwani
Acting Executive Director

Janette Moré
Product Director
Janette Moré has over 20 years of experience as a product development team leader and project manager. Her undergraduate degree was in chemical engineering from Rice University and she spent over thirty years working in a technical capacity. Prior to retiring from her first career, Janette obtained a graduate degree in professional counseling from Texas State University and became CT/RT certified shortly thereafter. She is responsible for coordinating the development efforts for the GIFCT practice areas and functions as the treasurer of its Legal Board.