Welcome to the William Glasser Institute – US.

Helpers: Are you a counselor, therapist, or social worker looking for a way to be more effective with your clients, making everything you do strength-based and client-centered? Are you someone who works with non-voluntary clients who aren’t exactly happy to have you in their lives?

Educators: Are you a teacher who is overwhelmed by all the mandates of what you must do with your students that just doesn’t seem humanly possible? Do you recognize that the way you were taught to teach only works for your top students?

Administrators: Are you a school administrator who is looking for a school-wide system to address classroom management, school culture, student achievement and teacher satisfaction all in one package?

Leaders: Are you a manager struggling to connect to your workers internal motivation? Do you sometimes feel that no one is following when you are attempting to lead?

Parents: Are you a parent who wants a close relationship with your child while helping him or her to become a responsible, happy adult?

Individuals: Are you in a relationship and know it could be better? Are you a person who wants to gain more effective control over your life? You are in the right place!