Senior Faculty

Senior Faculty

The minimum requirement for beginning  the process to become Senior Faculty is that you have a Masters Degree and have taught at least ten Basic Trainings, half of which have been conducted alone.

There are two phases to this process: a MP3 audio recording and a DVD of role-plays and self-evaluation. (For more information on the steps involved in each phase, click here)


1. The FIRST step is to submit an Application (click here) with fee to the address noted on Application Form.

2. Answer five questions on MP3. (Click here)

3. Have MP3 reviewed by Senior Faculty Member who is current.

Institute Fee:  $925.00 US

Pay Online Here:


Once your audio file is approved, create a good quality video, either DVD or MP4, of your role-playing with a voluntary and involuntary client.

Have video reviewed by a different Senior Faculty Member who submits comments and video to Pat Robey for final review.

Pat Robey