GQS Video Conference Recording-March 29, 2017

The WGI-US Quality School Committee was charged by the WGI-US Board to update Dr. Glasser’s six Glasser Quality School criteria by evaluating them in order to identify their component parts as an aid for conducting a meaningful school study leading to self-declaration. The committee humbly set about its task with the full commitment to hold true to the integrity of Dr. Glasser’s six Quality School criteria. The GQSC believes that the rubrics and their companion documents, that you will find via the links provided below, offer to the United States a set of definable characteristics that Dr. Glasser would be proud to claim. The focus of the effort has been to create a guide respectful of existing Glasser Quality Schools, while encouraging schools across the country to consider pursuing the GQS journey. Additional thought has now lead us to continue this work for individual teachers within a school which may or may not be pursuing Quality School status. We have been earnest and intentional in being inclusive of all types of school organizations and governance structures, i.e., public, private, religious, urban, rural, etc.

For Information, instructions and rubrics on Glasser Quality Schools and/or Glasser
Quality Educators please follow the links below:

Glasser Quality School

Glasser Quality Educator

In addition to the overarching goal of being consistent with Dr. Glasser’s teachings, our
goals also include:

  • Expanding the number of Glasser Quality Schools
  • Continuing the development of learning and growth opportunities for individuals
    in Glasser Quality Schools
  • Continuing the development of learning and growth opportunities for individuals
    in schools that may not be Glasser Quality Schools
  • Creating a means of supporting GQSs and those individuals pursuing GQS
    educator status
  • Creating methods of sharing best practices (including information, articles,
    videos, etc.)
  • Creating lessons and materials for students and educators
  • Hosting an annual conference (including online)
  • Developing methods for continual dialogue and feedback from all GQS and/or
    GQE members.

Thank you for visiting! Please let us know what would be most helpful to you! For
additional information please feel free to contact the members of the GQS Committee:

Bob Hoglund 480-861-3116
Sue Tomaszewski 716-472-3134
Peter Driscoll 269-967-7082
Jim Mishler 989-424-1133
Sharon Carder-Jackson 816-231-3519