Basic Practicum

Basic Practicum

You are about to begin the second step of your journey in The Institute’s certification process. You gained basic knowledge and skills in your Basic Intensive Training. During the Basic Practicum you will begin to apply those newly acquired skills

The Basic Practicum consists of at least 30 hours, 12 of which must be face-to-face directly with a Practicum Supervisor. (If a customer has attended a 3 day Intensive Training of 20 hours, more practicum hours may be necessary prior to attending the Advanced Intensive Training).

A listing of the practicum supervisors in your area was distributed during your Basic Intensive Training. Although the complete practicum may be done face-to-face, the 12-hour minimum requirement helps those who may not have a practicum supervisor in their immediate area. In addition, The Institute office has a list of Approved Faculty who can offer practica online.

If you require assistance in choosing a Practicum Supervisor, please contact The Institute.

List of Practicum Supervisors offering training online